which was not a headline in 1961?

which was not a headline in 1961?

Which was not a headline in 1961?

  • Jan 1 Briggs Stadium, home of baseball’s Detroit Tigers is officially renamed Tigers Stadium
  • Jan 1 Largest check issued, National Bank of Chicago to Sears ($960.242 billion)

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Which was not a headline in 1961?
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27th October 1961
A stand-off between Soviet and American tanks in Berlin heightens Cold War tensions.

Which was not a headline in 1961?
George Lincoln Rockwell, center, self-styled leader of the American Nazi Party, and his “hate bus” with several young men wearing swastika arm bands, stops for gas in Montgomery, Alabama, on May 23, 1961, en route to Mobile, Alabama. #
A policeman orders his dog to attack an African-American who was too slow in obeying his order to move away from in front of police court, shortly before nine African-American college students went on trial for sitting-in at a white city library, on March 29, 1961, in Jackson, Mississippi. #

Which was not a headline in 1961?
1961 Feb 16, The United States launched the “Explorer Nine” satellite.
(AP, 2/16/01)
1961 Feb 16, Wilbert Ridieu (19) robbed the Lake Charles, La., Gulf National Bank. He walked out with $14,000 and 3 hostages, 2 of whom he shot and left for dead. Rideau stabbed to death Julia Ferguson on a rural Louisiana road following the bank robbery. He confessed and was sentenced to death 3 times. Rideau escaped death in the 1970s when the death penalty was outlawed. In 2003 his case was still in court. While in prison Rideau became a self-educated writer and elevated the prison magazine, the Angolite, to national acclaim. In 2005 Rideau was set free for time served after a racially mixed jury found him guilty of manslaughter.
(NW, 1/13/03, p.52)(AP, 1/16/05)(SFC, 1/17/05, p.A5)
1961 Feb 16, China used it’s 1st nuclear reactor.
(MC, 2/16/02)
1961 Melvin Calvin (b.1911), US chemist, won the Nobel Prize for his work on photosynthesis.
(MC, 4/8/02)
1961 Robert Hofstadter of Stanford won the Nobel Prize in Physics.
(SFC, 10/10/96, p.A1)
1961 Ivo Andric of Yugoslavia won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
(AP, 10/8/09)

Which was not a headline in 1961?
And Warhol was trying to get us to see ourselves in these headlines. He loved the name of the New York Daily Mirror — felt it reflected its readers in the news it published, the news we consumed. We, too, have babies. And at least in that, we commoners are just like royalty.
“I think Warhol was trying to get the consumers of the news to think about the truth in the news overall,” Donovan says. “The news is a product that we buy, as consumers.”



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