what are timelines

what are timelines

What are timelines

  • Text timelines, labeled as text
  • Number timelines, the labels are numbers, commonly line graphs
  • Interactive, clickable, zoomable

There are different types of timelines

What are timelines
Here there is a horizontal line that shows time periods. All events, actions, and tasks are labelled along this line. Thus, it is very easy to understand past, current and future assignments and actions.
Moreover, if tasks are dependent on each other, there will be no problems with visualization, either. As you see, all key elements are covered by a Gantt chart timeline making it a perfect timeline for any project.

What are timelines
A timeline is useful to document for any type of development, providing an easy-to-understand history and helping viewers to understand past and ongoing quickly.
In the example below, the timeline shows important events labeled in chronological order on a linear time scale. They are used in project management to help teams and stakeholders understand what milestones the project needs to achieve and the delivery date for each milestone.

What are timelines
How easy can it be for someone to define the aspects of time and chain of important events? Have you ever tried to spread out complex courses in a simple layout for everyone to better understand? Put stuff like workflows of long-running projects, the chronology of history, or perhaps, a record of software updates all together seems to be a hard job. However, the multiple requirements, all but ask for one thing – timeline. This is a beautiful diagram to graphically represent all the remarkable points of time and make it look gorgeous.
There is no definite modem as such to denote the different “types” of timelines. Yet still, they are often categorized by their usability, layouts, and styles they project for specific causes. Here are some examples of the different kinds of charts and diagrams that are commonly used.

What are timelines
You can remove the column summary the same way you added it, but this time select ‘Hide Column Summary’.
You can now share your Timeline View with others!



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