westworld two timelines

westworld two timelines

Westworld two timelines
The events are marked to indicate whether the scene was featured on season one, two, or three (either through expository dialogue or in a flashback/flash-forward) as well as which episode the revelation appeared on. This is not an official HBO-issued timeline, so note some events (or their placement) are subject to change based on new episodes.
We’ve also split the timeline into two sections: Events from around 2021 up to 2058, and then everything from “current day” in season one to the latest events in season three.

Westworld two timelines
– William and James Delos visiting the Westworld park is a scene that takes place right after the events of season 1 involving William and Logan’s “vacation” to the park. Jimmi Simpson is convincing his father-in-law to invest in the park after Logan’s blunder because William sees a data-mining operation fortune to be had.
Notably of the hundreds lost at sea, the only named “dead” host recovered so far is Teddy Flood, and as we later learn in Timeline A, Dolores more or less killed the Teddy we all loved, anyway. Bernard claims he himself is responsible for the “destruction” of all these hosts, and I believe him. Although it turns out he feels guilty for not allowing Dolores to kill all the humans threatening the hosts–a mistake he rectifies by putting Dolores’ control unit inside a replica of Charlotte Hale’s body and then sending her after the cold-blooded, fleshy exec.

Shortly before the park opens, Arnold believes that he has made a breakthrough with Dolores that proves the hosts are capable of true consciousness, and tries to convince Ford not to open the park. His attempts at persuasion fail, and so Arnold tries one last desperate gambit to prevent the park from opening: he melds Dolores’ mind with that of a villain character, Wyatt. With Teddy’s help, she goes on a rampage through the park, slaughtering the hosts and finally killing Arnold himself by shooting him in the head.
Not only has Westworld season 2 opened up more places on the timeline, it’s also expanded the scope of the park to include locations like Shogun World and The Raj. The main characters are scattered across the map and the episodes are scattered across time. To help you keep it all straight, we’ve put together a guide to Westworld‘s timeline and what major events took place when. The dates given are derived from an Easter egg on the Delos website, which confirmed that the date of the host uprising in Westworld‘s season 1 finale was June 15, 2052.

  • William visits the James Delos host. He reveals that this is the 149th attempt to revive James in a host body but the project has failed. [16]
  • Over the years, Akecheta’s numbers grew and his followers began waking up. One night, Akecheta meets Robert Ford in the park as he scalps a number of his frozen warriors to find the symbol of the Maze beneath their scalps. [7]
  • Ford has been watching Akecheta for years, and asks where he first saw the image of the Maze, calling it an idea that should have been forgotten. Akecheta, in Analysis Mode, replies that he saw it when the “death-bringer killed the creator.” [7]
  • Ford learns that Akecheta has woken and given himself a new drive to spread the truth that there is more than one world, and that by passing through “the door” the Hosts will get back all they have lost. [7]
  • Ford tells him that soon the day will come to gather his people and lead them to a new world when the “death-bringer” returns for Ford. He tells him to keep watching and then leaves. [7]

Date taken from an interview with Ed Harris regarding the timing of the Season 2 stinger scene. [30]

The key difference is that in the later timeline, Bernard is accompanied by Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson). So if you see the two of them on screen together it means we’re in the post-catastrophe timeline. That includes the waterboarding scene and the room full of Bernard Bots (trademark pending).
Theresa was a senior manager from Delos who had been clashing with Ford over the park’s direction. She was also having an affair with Bernard. It was in that exact same room that Theresa first realized Bernard was a host. Moments later, Ford showed up and ordered Bernard to kill her. They later covered up the entire thing as an accident, but they clearly didn’t do a very good job.



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