westworld season 2 timelines

westworld season 2 timelines

Westworld season 2 timelines
– William and James Delos visiting the Westworld park is a scene that takes place right after the events of season 1 involving William and Logan’s “vacation” to the park. Jimmi Simpson is convincing his father-in-law to invest in the park after Logan’s blunder because William sees a data-mining operation fortune to be had.
With that said, there is yet another timeline in addition to the above two. And while we did not know it at time, this timeline was also introduced in the season 2 premiere. In fact, it was the very first scene.

Westworld season 2 timelines
The events are marked to indicate whether the scene was featured on season one, two, or three (either through expository dialogue or in a flashback/flash-forward) as well as which episode the revelation appeared on. This is not an official HBO-issued timeline, so note some events (or their placement) are subject to change based on new episodes.
To help “Westworld” fans better understand the events that have happened so far, Insider has put together a chronological timeline of every major scene in the HBO series.

Some time after this, Delos dies and William begins trying to replicate his mind inside a host body. We see two conversations between the younger William and the host version of Delos, with William using the same dialogue to try and establish a baseline . Every time Delos realizes that he is a host, his cognitive functions begin to deteriorate.
At some point during this period of experimentation, William’s wife kills herself by overdosing on pills and drowning in the bathtub. Logan also overdoses and dies.

Westworld season 2 timelines
Jeffrey Wright as Bernard in ‘Westworld’ Season 2 HBO

Westworld season 2 timelines
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