timelines of war

timelines of war

Timelines of war
1898-1901: Boxer Rebellion (Northern China)
1898-1934: Banana Wars (Central America)
1899-1902: Second Anglo-Boer War (South Africa)
1903-1907: Saudi-Rashidi War (Qassim region, Arabia)
1904-1905: Russo-Japanese War (Manchuria & Korea)
1904-1907: Herero War (German South-West Africa)
1904-1908: Macedonian Struggle (Greek Macedonia)
1909-1911: Ouaddai War (Modern Sudan/Chad)
1912-1913: First and Second Balkan Wars (The Balkans)
1912-1916: Contestado War (Southern Brazil)
1919-1921: Polish-Soviet War (Poland)
1935-1936: Second Italo-Ethiopian War (Ethiopia)
1977-1991: Cambodian- Vietnamese War

Timelines of war
Since America united as one nation, this great country surrendered its bravest to liberate the oppressed and ensure freedom for its citizens and future generations. Battle lines were drawn and blood was spilled on U.S. soil and foreign lands. Listed below are the sacrifices made in America’s wars.
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Timelines of war
The following list includes some of the wars fought by the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the British Empire and the British Commonwealth since 1900.
The Second Anglo-Boer War, 18991902

Timelines of war
In addition to the named wars and conflicts listed below, members of the American military (and some civilians) have played small but active roles in many other international conflicts.
Wars over the years have changed dramatically, and American involvement has varied. For example, many of the earliest American wars were fought on American soil. 20th-century wars such as World Wars I and II, by contrast, were fought overseas; few American on the home front saw any type of direct engagement. While the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II and the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 resulted in American deaths, the most recent war fought on American soil was the Civil War which ended in 1865—more than 150 years ago.

Timelines of war
December 15-16, 1864 – The Battle of Nashville, Tennessee. The Confederate Army under John Bell Hood is thoroughly defeated and the threat to Tennessee ends.
February 14-20, 1864 – Union Capture and Occupation of Meridian, Mississippi. Union forces under William T. Sherman enter the city of Meridian, Mississippi after a successful month of campaigning through the central part of the state. The capture of this important southern town, well known for its industry and storage capabilities, severely hampers the efforts of Confederate commanders to sustain their armies in the deep south, Georgia and west of the Mississippi River.



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