timelines of life

timelines of life

Around the same time, proto-mammals evolve warm-bloodedness – the ability to maintain their internal temperature, regardless of the external conditions.
Gorillas branch off from the other great apes.

Timelines of life
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Interactive Timeline: Use this online tool to help students record events in a selected person’s life.

Rilke taught us not to seek the answers but to love the questions. Good advice. Now I’m stuck in my house muttering, “Stage IV cancer during a pandemic! Could it get any—oh, never mind.”
My Life Timeline tells me that right around the middle of my life, Google was founded. So right at this moment, I’ve lived in a world with Google just as long as I lived in the world without it, and as I age, I move further into a world where it’s been around for most of my life. Those still-vivid pre-Google scavenger hunts through Dewey Decimal cards will start to recede deeper into the fog of memory. For me, the milestone is a reminder to mark my memories of that time before they get blurrier, to take a moment to think about what I might have gained and lost. But I imagine your Life Timeline will prompt different sorts of reflections.

Timelines of life
In the first universe, Noymer said, summer will be a bit more fun than spring was, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Outdoor activities in small groups would probably be fine. Maybe bars and restaurants would reopen. But large gatherings would likely be out: “No Lollapalooza, no Major League Baseball, no crowded beaches,” Noymer guesses.
It’s also possible that no one is able to develop a safe, effective vaccine. This would be a disappointment, but even then, America could be well on its way to population-level immunity, perhaps reaching a Teflon critical mass by the fall of 2021. And the journey from now to then would probably not mean being cooped up indoors continuously for more than a year. “If we can’t come out of our groundhog holes for more than 12 months,” it’s because the coronavirus is about as ferocious and noncompliant as it could possibly be, producing “some perfect storm of viral epidemic in which we can never relent,” Noymer said.

The working model of the timeline of life includes:
Abundant information allow children to understand events that shaped the evolutionary process. Discover how the great glacial periods along with the great extinction events changed phyla and species. What sets our timelines apart is the interconnectivity and the consistency with other materials. Therefore, the pictures as well as the lineage lines are consistent with those students will find when using the Tree of Life (Cladistic model).



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