timelines in powerpoint

timelines in powerpoint

Timelines in powerpoint

  • If you’re a history teacher, you can present a timeline of whatever historical event you’re discussing in class.
  • If you’re a project manager, you can present a timeline of milestones, deadlines, and deliverables for your project.
  • For startups looking for investor funding, you may want to include your product or project’s timeline so potential investors can see if it’s worthwhile getting involved with your company.

You can see below that I’ve clicked on the Basic Timeline graphic. You can see a description on the lower right section of the screenshot that PowerPoint gives you a description of what each SmartArt graphic is best used for.

Timelines in powerpoint
Tip: When you place your pointer over a thumbnail, you can see how the colors affect your SmartArt graphic.
On the SmartArt Tools Design tab, do one of the following:

Timelines in powerpoint
This PowerPoint tutorial is about timeline slide animation. Here, I have showed how to animate a timeline slide using the animations and the transition. In the end of this video there is something more interesting which is not in the intro part. So, keep watching this tutorial until the end.
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Timelines in powerpoint
With the Smartsheet and Office Timeline integration, you can visually highlight the most important parts of your project in a beautiful timeline. You can use filters to remove unnecessary data, customize the timeline with colors and shapes, and easily share the timeline with others as an image, .PDF, or PowerPoint slide.
Time to complete: 30 minutes

Timelines in powerpoint
You don’t need any additional tools to create this interaction in PowerPoint, unless you are not planning to deliver it to anybody online. If you would like to share it on the Web, it will be a great help to use iSpring PowerPoint-to-HTML5 conversion facilities.
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