star trek timelines who to airlock

star trek timelines who to airlock

Star trek timelines who to airlock
For example, is there much point to keeping a Legendary (which you’ll probably never ever upgrade beyond 1-star)? Is a fused to the max uncommon better than a Rare which isnt?
all these mentioned should be your primary concern as to which crew to keep and to sell. Don’t hesitate to sell equipped and trained crew, you get Honor points which you will need ever more of to buy training. mark the crew you need more urgently trained and equipped with the red star, that will bring those up front for available equipment. train the cadet crew more urgently, next the ones you need for gauntlets and voyages. get rid of the crew you cant advance because they need equipment you cant seem to ever get. every so often I do a hard core cleaning, taking the lists mentioned above and sell all the dragers, the ones you just cant ever get the equipment for .
I wouldn worry too much about Immortalizing, yes you get special gifts for the right crew, but then you need a list put together so you concentrate on the crew that gives you gifts you need for your IMMORTALLIZED crew group,

About the Do Not Airlock Checklist
The ‘Do Not Airlock Checklist’ is a Google Sheet that was originally created by TheAlchemyst. It was then added onto by several other people, the latest of which is yours truly. I have made some modifications and updates since that I hope will be of some use, and regularly add the new crew that keeps appearing in the game for some reason.
The sheet takes into account mission requirements, the crew with the highest minimum and maximum stats, cadet challenges, collections, voyages, and usefulness in the Gauntlet. Every time you mark a crew member as Active, the sheet removes the requirements that he or she meets from all other crew, gradually whittling down the usefulness of crew that you do not yet have.

Star trek timelines who to airlock
On DS9, airlocks were sealed and turbolifts were secured during a security alert. ( DS9 : ” Dax “)
Later that year, three Federation passengers were trapped in an airlock for about an hour. The repair crew from Deep Space 9 tried to free them. ( DS9 : ” Babel “)

Star trek timelines who to airlock
In general, airlock a character if you have a better character, but do not shy away from leveling and using less optimal characters if you have no better option. Leveling a 1* or 2* to level 60 usually costs very little (both in terms of XP and of resources), so do rather than being stuck in a Cadet Challenge.

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Star trek timelines who to airlock
Doctor Chapel is a one-skill character. Yes, she counts toward the Physician collection, but so do lots of characters.
In my experience, DIP+CMD is the most frequent shuttle pairing. You’re doing well on that front, but I would keep an eye on how frequently you utilize Commander Keras. I suspect that as you level more characters, he’ll be the first that can be frozen without losing crew efficacy. This is doubly true if you decide to invest in a final star for Ishka, who is one of the best 4* DIP+CMD characters around. (I actually spent honor to immortalize her, gasp!)


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