star trek timelines tuvix

star trek timelines tuvix

Director Cliff Bole and the episode’s producers originally considered having series regular Ethan Phillips (Neelix) portray Tuvix, but decided against it fearing that he was too identifiable and would have difficulty integrating an equal amount of Tuvok’s character into his performance. [14] Casting for “Tuvix” was done by Junie Lowry-Johnson, C.S.A., and Ron Surma. [3]
Tom Wright described working on “Tuvix” as an exercise in forcing himself to work outside his known comfort areas and confessed he was unsure of the quality of the end product. The actor complained about what he saw as a lack of support and guidance from the Voyager team, saying he felt adrift and unsure as to what was expected of his performance, especially since his portrayal reflected two of the starring characters. However, he also conceded that it may have been intentional in an effort to evoke a genuine sense of off-balancedness in the character. Either way, though he was unaccustomed to the environment, Wright expressed his willingness to revisit Tuvix or even work on any Star Trek again if the opportunity arose. In interviews, Wright specifically fondly recalled his time working with Jennifer Lien (Kes), Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway), and director Cliff Bole. [7] [15]

Star trek timelines tuvix
The makeup department purposely shaded Tuvix lighter than Tuvok but darker than Neelix. Tuvix additionally had smaller versions of the pointed Vulcan ears built onto the Neelix head. (Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, p. 166)
However, The Doctor refused to perform the procedure; as a physician, he had sworn an oath to do no harm, and he refused to take Tuvix’s life, especially against his will. Janeway herself, therefore, performed the process. It was a success, and Tuvok and Neelix were restored, although Janeway was forced to live with the ethical conundrum around the difficult decision. ( VOY : ” Tuvix “)

Star trek timelines tuvix
Some are more obvious than others. Combining Voyager‘s Vulcan security officer Tuvok with bar rodent Neelix to produce their combined form, Tuvix, is an example of an obvious one. The Game is a bit more hidden, to the point where only one player has unlocked it, and they don’t even know it yet.
And it’s the episode where Riker brings back something from pleasure planet Risa and proceeds to infect the entire crew, only this time it’s a video game.

Star trek timelines tuvix
Follow this routine with either 3x Tuvok and 1x Neelix OR 3x Neelix and 1x Tuvok. ONE of them has to be a fused 3* before you can fuse it with the opposite 1* to make a Tuvix. As you get each 1* Tuvix you can fuse them into each other until you have the 4* Tuvix.
You need 3 more Tuvix. I was wrong; see cynical’s explanation below as to how to do that.

Star trek timelines tuvix
AS OF 2020: KellyPlanet Ratings are calculated by considering maximum base skill, a skill’s average roll, a skill’s maximum possible roll and each skill’s average and maximum proficiency. Those are all compared to the collective ratings of that skill across all crew. A weighted scale also provides points for crew traits and eligibility for cadet challenges. ‘All Crew Rank’ reflects position among the entire available crew. ‘4 Star Crew Rank’ is the position among 4 Star Crew only. The percentage rating in brackets [%] is the deviation from average among 4 Star Crew.
Numbers displayed are rounded up from a large decimal in the database with the exception of the KP Rating itself, which uses the number_format function that simply cuts off the decimal at the hundredths place. All internal calculations are done with the complete decimal and I put entirely too much thought into this.


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