ms project timelines

ms project timelines

Ms project timelines

  • In Timeline view, select FormatExisting Tasks.
  • In Existing Tasks, you can select tasks that you need to add to your timeline.

Here, Task1, Task2, Task3, and Task4 are added to the timeline, and each task has a different color to display personalization.

Ms project timelines
Right-click a timeline and choose Date Range to choose custom start and finish dates.
You can use the timeline as-is, or you can rearrange the tasks any way you want, add text, and even change their colors to make them stand out.

Ms project timelines
Step 5: Add colors and change text styles by clicking anywhere on your timeline and selecting Format.
Visual project timelines are a manager’s best friend . P roviding an easy way to report big picture progress to executives and stakeholders can be a life saver when it comes to managing large projects . At the same time, when you’re managing a project and need to drill down into the details of milestones and dependencies, it’s easy to see how the project stands as a whole and pinpoint any tasks and deadlines in danger of slipping.

Ms project timelines
You’ll essentially learn how to take your timeline from this:
5. Viewing the Progress of Tasks Within Your Timeline

If you are spending more than 30 minutes once a week managing your schedule(s), then you are spending too much time and there are some knowledge gaps which you can fill with a little training.
Whichever way you like, you can quickly pull tasks, milestones, or summary tasks to a view and help create a snapshot of key activities based on your schedule.


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