history of texas timeline

history of texas timeline

22 October 1861 — Advance units of the newly formed Brigade of General H. H. Sibley marched westward from San Antonio to claim New Mexico and the American southwest for the Confederacy.
L. E. Daniell, Personnel of the Texas State Government , San Antonio, Maverick Printing House, 1892

History of texas timeline
29 April 1856 — Backed by the US military, a shipment of 32 camels arrived at the port of Indianola. The resulting Texas Camel Experiment used the animals to transport supplies over the “Great American Desert.”
15 September 1829 – Mexico abolishes slavery. Texas is given an exemption after protests.

History of texas timeline
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History of texas timeline
The tensions between the Texans and Mexico turned to battle in 1835 at the Battle of Gonzales. Fighting broke out throughout Texas and the Texas Revolution began. At the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, 180 Texans held off 4,000 Mexican soldiers for thirteen days before being killed. Despite the defeat, the Texans declared their independence and formed the Republic of Texas on March 2, 1836. Then, led by General Sam Houston, the Texans defeated the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto.
In 1861, when the Civil War began, Texas seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. There was little actual fighting during the war in the state of Texas. After the war was lost, the slaves in Texas did not find out until a month later on June 19, 1865. This day is still celebrated today as Juneteenth. Texas was readmitted into the Union in 1870.

Like other Southern states, by the late 1870s white Democrats regained control of the state legislature. They passed a new constitution in 1876 that segregated schools and established a poll tax to support them, but it was not originally required for voting. [141]
Texas eventually adopted much of the Anglo-American legal system, but some Spanish legal practices were retained, including homestead exemption, community property, and adoption. [79]



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