english timelines

english timelines

English timelines
1842 – Treaty of Nanking concluded the Opium Wars and ceded Hong Kong to the British.
1843 – Maori revolt against British rule in New Zealand.
1853 – Construction of railways in India.
1858 – East India Company dissolved.
1870 – British troops were withdrawn from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
The Boston Tea Party, 1773

Henry Parker was appointed president of Georgia.
Future Revolutionary War colonel and Georgia governor Jared Irwin was born in North Carolina.

MA/PhD Students
Year 2: Complete at least 15 credits, including ENGL 5160 (Professional Development, Spring Semester). Complete the Second-Year Review. Submit Plan of Study for MA in the fall semester.

English timelines
Past perfect continuous: : an action that happened before a certain time in the past, to show duration. For example: I had been going to school for a year when it was closed.
Past simple: an action that happened in the past. For example: I went to school.

English timelines
— Chinese President Xi Jinping talked over phone with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, noting facts have shown once again that mankind is a community that shares weal and woe. All countries must unite and work together to jointly cope with the COVID-19 epidemic.
As revealed at the press conference, China has seen the daily number of newly confirmed cases and newly suspected cases of COVID-19 ease to double-digit for five consecutive days. Apart from Wuhan, there were two newly confirmed cases in the last five days in China. The overall epidemic situation remained at a relatively low level and the prevention and control situation continued to improve.



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