Easy Mistakes That Could Easily Ruin Your Society Paper

Writing is a skill that many have been able to portray with a basic understanding of the principles of English writing. Such a perspective makes writing to appear trivial when it is such a great skill to possess. Even so, if you could do better to get rid of certain trivialities in your paper, then you may boast that you are a writer. We have categorized the mistakes into reasonable bits clarifying where you always get it wrong.

  1. Content mistakes

With much focus on how you usually do your society papers, a content mistake would mean not capturing the aspect that makes it a society paper. A society paper needs to speak to its purpose with content that portrays that sense.  Make it your point to stick to the purpose of your type of essay always to avoid losing the actual impression the paper needs to make.

  • Vocabulary mistakes     

Essay writing has vocabulary different from what we use during our oral presentations. Your society paper, for instance, needs to be done in a formal language. The paper needs to avoid elements of slang, colloquialism, and jargon.

They could be issues with homonyms or words that sound almost the same an example is using “heard” in place of “had.” Other mistakes include confused words, writing words in their wrong forms, among other vocabulary related errors.

  • Mistakes of style

Academic writing for a long time has been done in various academic writing styles. The styles make the academic papers to appear different from content writing. You can write well, but with the wrong style of academic writing, you have failed in your essay.

Some of the style mistakes you need to avoid, include the overuse of passive sentences, using conjunctions at the beginning of a sentence, the use of too long or short sentences, and the repetition of words when you can use their substitutes.

  • Format or structure mistakes

Academic writing follows one main principle, which is an academic format. For this reason, we have referencing and citation styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago writing formats. These styles vary every time given the changes that could be going on globally in academic writing.

The styles do not affect the direction you wanted to take with your paper but help you to organize your paper in a particular way. Each academic format has a different structure; you need to pay attention to the one your instructor wants you to use in your society paper.

  • Spelling mistakes

This is the most popular mistake in writing. You need to get your spelling game on point to avoid altering the intended message of your paper. If you are not sure, there are many ways to amend that. You could use a dictionary, a physical, or an online dictionary. If you know the word, you could write it on a piece of paper and see whether it is what you know. Even so, spelling should be easy to solve.

  • Punctuation mistakes

Punctuation controls the rhythm of your writing. In academic writing, punctuation may not appear as such a big thing, but it never makes a good impression to misuse the punctuation marks. If you have any problem with punctuation, then you need to study the uses of each punctuation mark. You will find it easy to solve punctuation issues when you need role a punctuation mark plays in a text.

If you have overlooked these mistakes before, this is your chance to make amends to avoid ruining your exceptional society paper. Fixing these errors will go on to improve your future writing exercises.  You might needed more reference material in the future but remember to use only quality resources.

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