days of our lives 11-26-15

days of our lives 11-26-15

Chairman King had requested the workshop. He stated that he sees the Board as “more reactionary, instead of having a set course.” King foresees the workshop will help with planning and budget prioritization.
New Prague will host Litchfield/Dassel-Cokato on Friday, Jan. 29, then travel to Blake in a key Section 2A game on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Dennis Gilbert Bisek, whose address is listed as Northfield, was arrested by Montgomery police on Monday, Dec. 28, after a vehicle crashed into a ditch in that city. The vehicle, a black 1999 Jeep Cherokee, was reported stolen from an address on First Street NW in New Prague, where the owner had left it in the driveway.
The Babysitter Saga The sweet and fun teenage babysitter my family has used for years got a “real job” last month.

Days of our lives 11-26-15
Thursday, November 26, 2015
When the survivors harvested their first corn crop in 1621, they gave thanks and celebrated for three days. Local natives shared in their feast, which included venison, “fowl” (it is unlikely that this actually included turkey), and corn. Potatoes and pumpkin were not on the menu in 1621.

Days of our lives 11-26-15
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Reminder to all clients: There will be no classes Monday 11/23/15- Saturday 11/28/15 due to Thanksgiving break. Classes will resume on Monday 11/30/15. We wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We hope you all enjoy your time off with your families.

Days of our lives 11-26-15
1999 Nov 26, In New Jersey a small plane crashed in Newark. Pilot Itzhak Jacoby (56), his wife Gail and daughter Atira (13) were killed. 22 people were injured on the ground.
(SFC, 11/27/99, p.A3)
1999 Nov 26, Ashley Montegu, British-born anthropologist and author, died in New Jersey at age 95. His over 60 books included “Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race” and “The Natural Superiority of Women.”
(SFC, 11/29/99, p.A26)
1999 Nov 26, Leaders of 71 developing countries demanded that the world’s poorest countries be allowed to export goods duty-free to wealthy economies. The ACP group was meeting in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
(SFC, 11/27/99, p.A14)
1999 Nov 26, In the first speech ever by a British prime minister to an Irish parliament, Tony Blair predicted that Northern IrelandпїЅs troubled peace accord would ultimately work because of a strengthened cooperative spirit uniting Britain and Ireland.
(AP, 11/26/00)
1999 Nov 26, In Germany the parliament approved $16 billion in spending cuts for next year that included cuts in pensions and jobless benefits.
(SFC, 11/27/99, p.A18)
1999 Nov 26, In India, at least 211 people died when two trains collided in the northern state of Punjab.
(AP, 11/26/00)
1999 Nov 26, A Norwegian passenger ferry, the catamaran Sleipner, sank at the mouth of the Boemla Fjord. There were 16 people killed.
(SFC, 11/27/99, p.A14)(AP, 11/26/02)
1999 Nov 26, Russian commanders announced that they would begin pursuing Chechen guerrilla forces into their mountain hideouts.
(SFC, 11/27/99, p.A1)
1999 Nov 26, Sudan signed a peace agreement with the opposition Umma Party in Djibouti to end the 16-year old civil war.
(SFC, 11/27/99, p.A15)
1999 Nov 26, In Ukraine Reactor No. 3, the functioning power plant at Chernobyl and site of the 1986 accident, reopened.
(SFC, 11/26/99, p.A22)(SFC, 11/27/99, p.A18)
2004 Nov 26, The dollar reached a new low against the euro at 1.3288 euros per dollar. The euro peaked at 1.3329.
(SFC, 11/27/04, p.C1)(WSJ, 11/29/04, p.A1)
2004 Nov 26, A Cyprus-registered tanker spilled 30,000 gallons of crude oil into the Delaware River between Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, creating a 20-mile-long slick that killed dozens of birds and threatened other wildlife.
(AP, 11/28/04)
2004 Nov 26, In NYC a man jumped to his death from the 86th-floor observation deck at the Empire State Building.
(AP, 11/27/04)
2004 Nov 26, Philippe de Broca (71), French movie director (“King of Hearts”), died.
(AP, 11/26/05)
2004 Nov 26, Leading Iraqi politicians called for a six-month delay in the Jan. 30 election because of spiraling violence; President Bush said, “The Iraqi Election Commission has scheduled elections in January, and I would hope they’d go forward in January.” The vote took place as scheduled.
(AP, 11/26/05)
2004 Nov 26, In Mosul 17 more Iraqi bodies were found following 15 discovered a day earlier. 65 bodies were reported found over the last 8 days with 20 confirmed as members of the new Iraqi security forces.
(SFC, 11/27/04, p.A13)
2004 Nov 26, The ruling party in the Palestinian Authority set Aug. 4 as the date for an internal election in an apparent attempt to persuade the head of Fatah’s restless young guard to drop out of the January presidential balloting.
(AP, 11/26/04)
2004 Nov 26, Rwanda said it was ready to hold talks with Democratic Republic of Congo Pres. Joseph Kabila to defuse growing tensions over Rwandan rebels based in eastern Congo.
(Reuters, 11/27/04)
2004 Nov 26, Sudan’s pro-government Janjaweed militia killed 16 people in a western village in the troubled Darfur region.
(AP, 11/27/04)
2004 Nov 26, A UN spokesman said the son of Secretary-General Kofi Annan received payments from a firm with a UN Iraqi oil-for-food contract more than four years longer than the world body previously admitted.
(AP, 11/26/04)
2004 Nov 26, The World Trade Organization gave final approval to the EU, Japan and others to hit the US with an initial $150 million in trade sanctions in a row over the 2000 Byrd amendment, an illegal anti-dumping law. Penalties on US exports ranged from apples to textiles.
(AP, 11/27/04)(SFC, 11/27/04, p.A4)


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