ancient china timelines

ancient china timelines

Song (Sung) Dynasty: Northern Song (960-1127) and Southern Song (1127-1279)
Tang (T’ang) Dynasty

1405: Chinese explorer Zheng He begins his first journey to India and Africa. He will establish trade relationships and bring back news of the outside world.
618 – 907: Tang Dynasty

At the end of the 12 th century, Mongolian rule grew steadily. With Genghis Khan and his descendants expanding their territory, the Mongol Empire extended all the way to Eastern Europe.
Possibly the first dynasty in ancient China, it’s generally believed that the Xia Dynasty consisted of several clans living alongside the Yellow River. Most of the evidence for the Xia Dynasty, including its name, is perhaps just legend.

Ancient china timelines
125 B.C.: The Silk Road – Following capture and escape during a mission for Emperor Wu, Zhang Qian returned after 13 years with a map of the ground he had covered. Reaching as far as Afghanistan, his maps were accurate and led to the international trade route the Silk Road.
Kublai Khan introduced paper money, met with Marco Polo, brought the first Muslims to the country and attempted to conquer Japan.

Ancient china timelines
Han Confucian Rule
After the Rebellion in the late 700s, Tang power weakened, and society became less open to foreign ideas. In 845 CE the Emperor issued a decree against Buddhism, which also said that 2000 Christian and Zoroastrian men had been ordered to stop ‘polluting Chinese customs’ and return to lay life. By the tenth century, Christian presence in China was wiped out.


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