Have you ever thought of how this world would look like if sociologists could run the world? Even though most probably, this is not going to happen, there is still one thing which is more likely to happen. Sociologists may not run the world, but this doesn’t stop them from commenting on politics, race, or religion on a fun and interesting website.

Welcome to Wolfsden, a blog where everything is possible. We have gathered some of the most experienced sociologists in the country to share interesting and entertaining information on sociology related topics. Issues like LGBT community rights, war implications and peace are some of the topics you will find us talk about.

Here is what you can expect from Wolfsden blog:

  • We are committed to finding the most current events and offer relevant information to our readers
  • You won’t find on our blog any jargon or terms for which you will need a Ph.D. degree to understand. Sociology can also be explained in simple terms.
  • We promise to keep things interesting for you. We do extensive research and we use trustworthy sources.

As sociology is a very diverse field we have created a team of contributors who have a variety of interests. Therefore, you will see us discussing inequality or immigration, as you will also find blog posts about religion or mental health. As for the author, he has a wide experience examining the social problems women have around the world as well as LGBT community issues. He has worked with various publications and wrote several books addressing topics related to race and ethnicity.

You are welcome to join our community and share your opinion. Our main focus is to show you how sociology helps us understand life experiences.