a timelines

a timelines

This is a list of timelines currently on Wikipedia.
The following is a list of fictional timelines.

A timelines

  • Text timelines, labeled as text
  • Number timelines, the labels are numbers, commonly line graphs
  • Interactive, clickable, zoomable

A timeline is a display of a list of events in chronological order. [1] It is typically a graphic design showing a long bar labelled with dates paralleling it, and usually contemporaneous events; a Gantt chart is a form of timeline used in project management.

A timelines
Henry Adams’ “Law of Acceleration.”
The word graph is first used by the English mathematician James Joseph Sylvester. (Lambert referred to his graphs as figuren, Watt as diagrams, and Playfair as lineal arithmetic.)

A timelines
Consider the previous example where Tweets 1 through 10 were processed. Now imagine that Tweets 11 through 18 were added to the timeline since the processing in the previous example began. An inefficient approach to process the new Tweets would be to iterate from the start of the list until Tweet 10 appeared. As shown in the following image, this causes two Tweets which have already been processed to be returned again:
In an ideal world, paging would be very easy to implement. Consider the case where a timeline has 10 reverse-chronologically sorted Tweets. An application might attempt to read the entire timeline in two requests by setting a page size of 5 elements and requesting the first page, then the second page. The following image demonstrates this approach:

A timelines
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