Since the conception of technology, kids have become more and more disconnected to the people around them. Today, we can see children on their phones, tablets, and gaming devices instead of running around with other kids. While this is not initially bad, too much time spending on electronic devices can cause problems. Among them health risks from the radiation and the lack of exercise.

That’s why it is important to monitor your kids’ activities. Better yet, join them in some to promote family bonding. A movie day with your kids can make sure you are guiding them with what they watch. You can also enjoy the day with them watching child-friendly shows and maybe it will make them love to read essays.


The Benefits of Child-Friendly Shows

Cartoons and fairy tales are monitored by regulatory boards. They check whether there are inappropriate content that are not good for children. This means that what your child watches are filtered to guarantee they won’t get anything bad from it.

These kinds of shows are also created with children in mind. Most of the filmmakers behind these movies guarantee that children will learn something from it. Since these movies include characters that kids can idolize, they are likely to follow in their footsteps. As parents, you can guide your kids so they can absorb the moral of what they’re watching.

Have you noticed a lot of kids who are hyperactive suddenly stop in front of the TV? The colors and movements often get their attention. It boosts their concentration which can help as they grow up. Apart from that, colors often convey a specific message. For example, pastel colors create a sense of calm. On the other hand, bright colors often stimulate activity.

Plus, a little bit of behave-time for them is a little relax-time for parents.

Children can also widen their vocabularies through watching these shows – especially educational ones. It is also wise to help them through the process. They’re likely going to ask you what a word means so you should be patient in answering their questions.


Learning Social Skills

Your kids could learn social skills through the cartoons they watch. Kids’ shows often show camaraderie between the characters. Some do tackle more serious issues such as bullying. Cartoons and even some movies would address these issues in the hopes that children would be able to understand how their actions could affect others.

During these scenes, you should be ready to guide your kids and let them know which is right and wrong.

But attending a movie day with them at a theatre could help them even more. There would be tons of kids attending the movie day. They can play with other kids during break times in between, before, or after shows.

Most children’s shows also make sure that their characters’ relationships with their families or friends are highlighted. This is something that you should always teach your kids to guarantee they have close ties with their family and friends.


Education through Shows

There are also lots of educational shows that cater to toddlers to kids. These kinds of shows tackle Science, Math, Literature, and History. A lot of children first learned their alphabet through these shows. Older kids tend to get more information and knowledge when they are exposed to these.

However, always monitor your children’s screen time. Apart from movie days with your kids, you should always try and guide their movie marathon at home. Infants shouldn’t be exposed to television or gadgets. Toddlers, on the other hand, can only have a maximum of an hour.

While letting them watch shows is a good thing, let them learn how to balance it with studies and physical activities.


Movie Day with Kids

You can now bring your kids to a movie day this Saturday. We encourage you attend with your kids or have them supervised by adults. It’s preferred to have one adult per one kid to guarantee that everyone is well taken care of.

Bringing the whole family for this event is also encouraged. We believe that this can help kids learn the importance of family and help strengthen your bond with each other.

This movie day with kids only features child-friendly shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and more. We guarantee that all shows are rated G and there will be no inappropriate scenes. However, we advise that you still guide your kids throughout the entire show.


In Conclusion

Even kids today know how to operate a tablet, a phone, or even a laptop. With an easy access to the internet, we sometimes forget how to monitor their activities.

How they grow up can greatly depend on how we let them grow. We believe that the best way to a better adulthood is to let them enjoy being kids – under the sun, playing with others, and watching kid-friendly shows. It’s also good to let them feel free to explore but to always let them know you are with them.

Join this Saturday’s movie day with your kids for an unforgettable bonding moment.