Working with pupils and students can be really difficult, especially when you’ve just begun your career as a teacher, professor or tutor. No two children are alike – while that is a good thing in the bigger picture, it’s a hassle when you work with them 1 on 1.

However, you’re not completely helpless. Without further due, let me introduce myself and explain to you what I do, how I do it and how this will help you.

Who Are You and What Is This Blog About?

I am a psychologist who works primarily with children and students. Consequently, this blog will cover a wide array of psychology topics, especially managing and helping students and pupils.

I’ve decided to create this blog to share my experiences with you, in hope that you’ll find the solutions you need in order to deal with problems in the workplace. Children and students require a lot of help.

They need constant tutoring and advice concerning their writing assignments, their homework, college life and essay writing.

What many professors don’t realize is that students are excessively stressed out and putting even more strain on them is seldom the way to go if you want them to get better at writing.

By reading my posts, you will learn new techniques for managing your class properly. You’ll get a “peek behind the curtain” so to speak, in the sense that you’ll see what goes on in students’ minds, what triggers their anxiety and of course, what it takes to become a better professor.

Steering the Wheel in the Right Direction

It’s crucial for you to know how the minds of the youth work when you’re a professor. People are different, but that isn’t as hellish as you might think it is.

By employing the right techniques – which you’ll learn from the stories of my experiences – you’ll become better and better at your job without using reprimand and punishments, two of the tools that have never given positive results.

I welcome you all on my blog and hope you’ll be frequent readers of my posts. I promise to keep you as entertained as possible.